Pam Johnston Photography | About
Who is Pam? Well, that's a pretty big question! I am a mother, a friend, a lover of life and passionate about relationships---they are the constant that hold everything else together in our hectic, ever changing world. And, I love coffee, pizza (cold, hot or anything in between) and photography! Why, Pam?

Well, my love for photography began when my children were born. Using a 35mm camera, I would shoot rolls and rolls of film, take them to Fotomart for processing, then wait in anticipation for the pick up date to arrive. After paying for the envelopes, and hopefully cashing in on "Double Print Tuesdays", I would pull my car aside and open the envelopes like an eager little child at Christmastime! I would either squeal with delight after viewing a great picture, or slump in disappointment at a not so great shot. With the advent of the digital camera (you can now guess how old I am!), I've entered the realm of immediate gratification photography! I still wait with the same excitement as my photos load onto my computer and I can view what I captured through the lens.

If you think about the movie, "The Wizard of Oz", we all remember the moment when Dorothy opened up the door of her crashed home, only to view a beautiful new world, one that went from black and white to full color. For me, when I look through my camera lens, what I see on the other end is similar to Dorothy's experience. Looking through the lens with love transforms all things to their optimal beauty. I find myself very often breathless at what I view (what I call "photographer's goosebumps!")

I'd love to capture your special moments through that same lens. Let's get together and talk about what or who it is YOU love over a cup of coffee! (Did I mention I love coffee?) Life is good!

Blessings of love and light

~ Pam